Warehouse, Factory, Concrete yard, Apartment Building and Construction Contractor For Solar Power Plant.

We are expert in Factory, Warehouse, concrete construction work and Construction Contractor For Solar Power Plant

       W7        W8

W7 Factory Rentable area 1,080 Sq.m                             W8 Factory Rentable area 650 Sq.m

      W9         KRITA

        W9 Factory Rentable area 630 Sq.m                                             Warehouse (Krungthep Kreeta) Rentable area 540 Sq.m


      w10         w11

                   W10 Showroom/Factory Rentable area 980 Sq.m                                      W11 Office Building Rentable area 640 Sq.m

W12-3        W12-3

                              W12 Factory Rentable area 624 Sq.m                                                                     Manheim Office area 3,000 Sq.m

     Salawat         w11

                                                                                                Pavilion at a temple Thakham area 130 Sq.m

We are expertise on Power Plant, Solar Power Plant, and Water supply

     f1          f2

       Consultant: Solar Roof for W.Solar co.,ltd size 1 MW.                                EPC: Solar Roof for Bangpakong Solar Power co.,ltd size 0.75 MW.

     f3          f4

     EPC: Solar Roof for Chachoengsao Power co.,ltd size 2.0 MW.                       EPC: Solar Roof for 105 Solar Power co.,ltd size 0.65 MW.

     R          f2

                           EPC Pornchai Intertrade Plt 30Kw.                                                     EPC: Solar Roof for W.Solar co.,ltd phase 5 size 186kw.

   f2          f2

                      EPC solar car port w-solar phase 6 108kw.                                                   EPC: Wyncoast Water System co.,ltd size 10.8kw.

     f3          f4

                        EPC solar roof port w-solar phase 7 60kw.                                                   EPC: solar roof port w-solar phase 8 61kw.

     f3          f4

                          EPC solar roof port w-solar phase 9 64kw.                                                  EPC: solar roof port w-solar phase 10 64kw.

     f3          f4

                               E&C Solar roof for thailian 29.5kw.                                                            EPC: solar roof for srivara phase 12 40kw.


                                                                                                                    Solar Cell



                                                                                                INVERTER SYSTEM & EV CHARGER




                       Water supply system 1000 m³                                              Water tank 200 m³ 5 Units                           RO system 500 m³
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